Portobelo is where the San Blas Cat leaves from every Monday morning.

It has 5 Chinese run supermarkets where one can provision for your trip to Colombia. There are no ATM machines here, the nearest is an hours bus ride away in Sabinitas. You can however use a credit card to buy supplies from China #2 (the second Chinese supermarket) and they will give you cash. They usually charge about $12 commission but it can save a long bus ride.
The town has a lot of history and is surrounded by the old fortifications and cannons from when it was the center for silver exporting before the mid-eighteenth century. Christopher Columbus originally named the port “Puerto Bello”, meaning “Beautiful Port”, in 1502. After Francis Drake died of dysentery in 1596 at sea, he was said to be buried in a lead coffin just outside of Portobelo.

There are several inexpensive hostels in Portobelo which you can find a list of HERE.

Canons fort Portobelo view from the fort where the san blas cat anchors old fort Portobelo


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